Green into your offices

Green into your offices

Green into your offices

Companies change every five years by printer, computer, or company car, but the planters are often forgotten. 
However, plants brings nothing but benefits and the investment is limited and quickly recovered

More happy employees and therefore less sickness absence:

Companies get more and more convinced how important a pleasant and healthy working environment is.
Especially the indoor climate in an office building plays an important role. Did you know that plants in the workplace helps diseases such as fatigue, headaches, coughing and irritated eyes to reduce by 30%? 

Don't just say flower pot against a planter

Taking care of plants involves :
An art to give exactly enough water, not too much and not too little, each plant is different.
In addition, you must also cut the leaves, provide dusting, give nutrients, do the treatment against regulated diseases.

Any Green provide Green hapiness!

We deliver plants from 20 cm to 12 m high in companies, hotels, courtyard gardens, swimming pools, etc.
"Together with our 16 employees, we make the working environment of a lot of Belgian companies, greener every day"

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