Interior gardens

Interior gardens

A courtyard garden is a place where you can take some time to relax.
Employees can take a break to get started again afterwards. Also visitors,
customers and suppliers feel right at home.

But also a courtyard garden is the perfect place to read a book or
working in a creative way on projects.

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When we design a courtyard garden, we take in count: temperature,
humidity, soil composition and lighting. The planting depends on your wishes
and style. If you want a tropical look, we often go for palm trees. For a
native look we find ficus trees a good option. All our trees acclimatize
minimum 1 year in greenhouses which makes them stronger

For indoor gardens, we advice Evergreen plants so that there is almost no leaf litter. Our service; we take care of the maintenance> this includes: irrigating, dusting, pruning, using fertilizers, analyze the soil and of course taking care of plant diseases. Is a plant suddenly sick? We replace it immediately and free of charges.