Roofingreen artificial grass modules

Roofingreen artificial grass modules

Are you seeking a better alternative to the standard artificial grass tiles? Roofingreen has what you’ve been looking for. There is only so much you can do with the typical artificial grass mats, but Roofingreen allows you to get really creative. How? With modules! Our artificial grass puzzle pieces are easy to install, but that’s only one of their advantages.

Different types of Roofingreen

We have a type of Roofingreen grass for every project. Have you been imagining a green roof or vertical wall? Maybe you would like to add some green space outside your home or create an extra soft surface for the children’s play area. Roofingreen’s products can do all this and more:

  • Roofingreen Leaf: the lightweight variant, ideal for renovating roofs and terraces
  • Roofingreen Nature: designed for gardens
  • Roofingreen Antishock: handy for playgrounds and athletic fields
  • Roofingreen Nature Drain: with extra drainage to properly channel rainwater
  • Roofingreen Nature LED: with built-in LED spotlights
  • Roofingreen Nature Side: these modules are for vertical uses

The advantages of Roofingreen artificial grass modules

  • Appearance of real grass
  • Competitive pricing
  • Energy-saving insulation for all seasons—warmth in winter, ventilation in summer
  • Sound absorption
  • Adjustable feet for secure vertical installation
  • Potential to convert a rooftop to a useable space
  • UV-resistant
  • No water consumption
  • Rainwater drainage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Replace one module rather than your entire artificial turf
  • Adjustable height
  • Numerous options and types of artificial grass
  • No weeds
  • The modules remain green throughout the year.

Why choose artificial grass for your place of business?

Artificial turf can be a good commercial solution—perennially attractive, durable, and maintenance-free.. It is ideal for tennis courts, golf courses, football pitches, and other sports fields.

A green roof or walls create a distinctive look for your company. If you are tempted to install a green surface but don’t relish the thought of the maintenance, Roofingreen’s artificial turf is the answer. Our products are ideal as floor covering in a showroom.

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